Tune Spotlight #7 : The Sheepdogs

The Sheepdogs’ southern rock and roll style is sure to liven up the mood wherever you are. The Canadian band (Ewan Currie, Ryan Gullen, Sam Corbett, Jimmy Bowskill, Shamus Currie, and Rusty Matyas) has a total of 5 full length albums, one of which is platinum certified (“Learn & Burn”) and another which is gold certified (“The Sheepdogs”). After winning a Battle of the Bands competition in America, The Sheepdogs became the first unsigned band to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone.


The Sheepdogs most recent album, “Future Nostalgia”, begins with a rockin’ guitar riff and continues to rock the rest of the 18 song album. I also personally recommend their “Live at The Roxy” recording on Spotify as they kill it throughout the entire performance.

The Sheepdogs on Spotify

The Sheepdogs on Apple Music

The Sheepdogs on Soundcloud

The Sheepdogs’ Website


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