Tune Spotlight #13 : GYYPS

A totally different type of artist than the ones featured on TuneSpot thus far, Gypsy Burns, the Canoga Park native came in hot with his latest mixtape, “KILLAFORNIA”, released yesterday (June 1st) on Soundcloud. GYYPS also has one other mixtape, “Darryl” as well as the “Canoga Park EP” both released in 2015. “Killafornia” has the reoccurring theme of being a rapper on the come up just trying to make it big and stay original in the oversaturated industry where it seems every other month someone else new hits #1 on the charts. I will admit, I am biased when it comes to the entire 2273 crew as I have followed their front man, Felly, for a few years now.

(I even saw them in concert)

 And now with the 2 year project, GYYPS has definitely begun to make a separate name and sound for himself. Though I’m sure Felly and GYYPS will continue to work together, the separation and maturation of their own personal sounds will only benefit each of their respective careers.


GYYPS on Soundcloud

GYYPS on Spotify

GYYPS on Apple Music

GYYPS’s Website

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