Tune Spotlight #16 : Alt-J

The band from Leeds, England is arguably the best and most well known indie rock, indie pop (kind of an oxymoron isn’t it?), and folktronica band currently in the industry. With only 3 full length albums released, the band has gained a massive fan base. Their most recent album “RELAXER” is a more chill and heady album than their others, but still has the indie pop and rock sound that listeners have come to expect from Alt-J. The band name and symbol comes from the Greek letter delta (∆)  than can be reproduced on Mac by pressing, you guessed it, Alt + J. Though you have likely heard their hits such as “Breezeblocks” and “Tessellate” on the radio, you should check out their new album and just, relax…

Alt-J on Spotify

Alt-J on Apple Music

Alt-J on Amazon Music

Alt-J on Facebook

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