Tune Spotlight #18 : The Mild Animals

From College Park,  Maryland, The Wild  Mild Animals (Andrew Johnston, Christian Dolgos, David MacGregor, Jake Wills, and Sam Sheckells) bring a new flavor to the indie rock genre. Songs like “We Suck” that takes self-depreciating humor to a new level, to more serious jams such as “CPR” and “Urban Country”, help make The Mild Animals’ first EP, “We’re Young and Never Going to Die. Ever.” have a very refreshing and genuine sound. According to the bands Twitter they have begun recording an album, which does not have a release date or title as of yet but one can hope that this album will continue the genuine sound and themes showcased in their first EP.

The Mild Animals lead vocalist Andrew Johnston recently organized a homegrown music festival, Cornchella, for the 2nd year in a row. Cornchella featured 8 local bands – Albert Bagman, jacket., Domato Todgers, Humbalaya, Josey Wails, Blake Ruby & The Homies, Oceanline, and of course The Mild Animals. I had the honor of attending and was very impressed by each band/artist that played and the event as a whole. I also have nothing but high hopes for Cornchella 2K18.

were young


The Mild Animals’ Facebook

The Mild Animals on Spotify

The Mild Animals on SoundCloud


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